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Hair removal can be a delicate topic to talk about. It can be difficult to speak to a stranger especially if we feel we are the only one with unwanted hair on our body.

For 20 years I have assisted women and men to remove their unwanted hair. For women, hirsutism or hormonal problems may lead to increased hair growth or growth in unusual areas. Men may also have excessive hair growth or may develop pilonidal cysts that can be alleviated through hair removal.

In a private and understanding environment, I listen and speak with you about the process of hair removal that is right for your skin and hair type. Different skin pigmentations and different hair colour can be factors in how successful laser or electrolysis is for you.

I welcome you to ring for a free consultation appointment to speak about removing your unwanted hair... forever!

  • Helen Hochreiter and staff have over 20 years experience in hair removal.
  • Only cutting edge diode laser technology is used for laser hair removal.
  • The clinic does not use IPL.
  • The hair removal laser can be used on any area of the body.
  • Electrolysis is offered for those who prefer it
  • A perfect alternative for both men and women.
Helen Hochreiter Portrait

What Our Customers Say About Us

I have had laser hair removal done at other salons. It was a very painful experience and costly. Geelong Laser and Electrolysis Clinic laser is a lot less painful, quicker and Lyn made sure to treat the area properly. Lyn is very knowledgeable, unlike the technicians that I had experience with at the other salons. As far as results, I am very happy with the outcome and would recommend GLEC highly.

Sam, Wanda Heights

As a 45 yr old male, I had ear and nose hairs that I was tired of plucking. Fortunately, I found Helen. She explained that due to the thickness of my hairs, it would probably take a about a year of treatments (once a fortnight initially, then monthly.) A year later, the hair has stopped. I was really impressed with Helen’s professionalism, she would explain what she was doing and why she was doing it, which is very important to me. What separates Helen from her competition is that she truly knows how her customers feel about the unwanted hair and she enjoys helping them get rid of it and seeing the results.

Barry, Geelong West

I came to Helen about a year ago, wanting laser hair treatment for my full legs. Since my hair was darker and coarser on my lower leg, it worked wonderfully on that area. The upper leg was a little more difficult to treat since the hair is lighter there. Although there was success, especially with ingrown hairs on the backs of my thighs and darker hairs near my bikini line. I followed up the laser treatments with some electrolysis, and I have had wonderful results.

Samantha, Jan Juc

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