Lightsheer DUET Laser Hair Removal in Geelong

The LightSheer DUET laser hair removal system by Lumenis offers significant improvements over the Gold Standard LightSheer, making it the ideal solution for safely, comfortably, and efficiently removing hair from larger surface areas like the back, legs, and bikini line. With vacuum-assist technology and an increased spot size of 22 x 35 mm, the DUET laser system removes hair in less time and with less prep time than other lasers. Some of the key features of LightSheer DUET include:

  • Remove hair from legs or backs in as little as 15 minutes
  • Cuts treatment time by as much as 75%
  • Smooth and comfortable application eliminates the need for prep times
  • Gentle enough to administer treatment without the need for topical anesthesia
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As anyone who has undergone any form of hair removal knows, the procedure (and aftermath) can be quite uncomfortable and downright painful in many cases. Lightsheer DUET’s advanced design allows for greater efficiency in targeting the hair follicle with pain reduction for overall comfort and satisfaction.

The Lightsheer DUET is made up of two optimal wavelength 800 nm diode hair removal systems on the same platform. The increased spot size gives the DUET a larger depth of penetration, which allows for a greater rate of absorption of the laser’s energy source to the targeted hair follicles.

You may benefit from laser hair removal treatments if you have excessive and embarrassing hair growth anywhere on the face and body, including:

    Upper lip and face
    Chin and neck
    Bikini line
    Arms and hands
    Legs and toes

Laser Hair Removal Lightsheer Duo Geelong

Laser treatments can remove hair from larger surface areas on the body, but several treatments are necessary to be effective. The melanin in the hair follicles is targeted during the growth phase. There are several stages of hair growth, and because all hair may not grow uniformly, and be in different stages of growth at the time of treatment, most people require repeated laser treatments spaced four to ten weeks apart to achieve the best hair removal results.

Why choose the LightSheer Duet for hair removal?

The LightSheer Duet is the most comfortable and effective Laser Hair Removal system available today. Most clients feel nothing more than a warm sensation. If you’ve never considered hair removal before, or stopped treatments due to discomfort, come experience the Lightsheer Duet difference.

The number of treatments required varies depending on skin color, hair type, and treatment area for each individual. During the consultation, our technician can give you an estimate of the number of treatments that will be required. Our goal is to achieve the results you want in the fewest number of treatments, which means less money and time involved.

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The LightSheer DUET is a revolutionary system that works

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Lightsheer Laser Hair Removal Duo Geelong

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